Rimowa Electronic Tag. The first digital check-in solution for your luggage. A young woman operates a Rimowa Electronic Tag suitcase with her smartphone.

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The new way to check in luggage – with your smartphone and Rimowa Electronic Tag

With Rimowa Electronic Tag, the first fully integrated digital luggage solution, Rimowa provides you with what you need most when you go on a journey: a relaxing time. Thanks to their pioneering technology your suitcase can be checked in comfortably from home, using your smartphone, and then handed in within seconds at the airport – completely without any stress and time pressure.

Revolutionary – Transfer your baggage data via Bluetooth for the fastest check-in ever

Rimowa sets up the innovative link between suitcase and smart device using a digital data modul that is integrated directly into selected suitcase models. With a few simple clicks the luggage data is transferred via Bluetooth from the airline’s respective app to the module that displays digital luggage data in the same size and with the same appearance as today’s paper labels. The handling via smart device and the free of charge Rimowa app is quite simple and intuitive and lets you check in your luggage even before you set out for the airport. By the way: The cover glass of the E Ink Mobius® display is made of tried-and-tested Gorilla® Glass and is highly robust, extremely shockproof and resistant.

Fast and uncomplicated – Drop off your luggage at the airport without waiting

After checking in your luggage via app it can be handed in within moments at semi- or fully automated luggage check-in stations. As part of its market launch, the use of Electronic Tag is exclusive to Lufthansa. We are sure that the system will be adopted by leading global airlines in the near future.

The future of comfortable travelling – an excellent idea

Rimowa’s youngest innovation offers an extra measure of comfort, safety and functionality and thus guarantees relaxed travelling without stress and unnecessary waiting. For this Rimowa Electronic Tag has been awarded the price for „Best Baggage Initiative“ by a jury of experts at the „FTE Global – Future Travel Experience“ in September 2015. Electronic Tag is available from medium sizes upwards, e.g. for the 68cm Multiwheel Rimowa from the Topas range.

Check-in on the go, from home or from your hotel – this is how it works:

  1. Activate and register the Rimowa Electronic Tag quickly and easily via the Rimowa app*. The airline’s respective app afterwards identifies your piece of luggage. Use your smart device to transmit the airline’s digital luggage data via Bluetooth to the suitcase fitted with the Electronic Tag.
  2. Just moments later, the luggage details for the booked flight appear on the data module integrated into the suitcase.
  3. Your Rimowa suitcase is now checked in and can be placed in the semi- or fully automated luggage check-in stations provided at all airports all over the world in a flash.

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More information directly from the manufacturer can be found here.

*The Rimowa app is currently available for Apple iPhones. iPhone models from version 4S with operating system iOS 7.0 or later are usable provided they support BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) or Bluetooth 4.0. The app is also likely to be available for Android devices from the middle of the year 2016.

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